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First, let me start by saying that I have never in my life reported any company to the public.I fully understand what this kind of negative feedback can do to a company's reputation.

With that said, the one thing that I can not ignore is a company that not only rips off their own customers, who trust them, but also rip off their own employees in the worst ways.My husband has worked for this company and all of it's many names. (Secure Watch/ADT, Saber Alarm and Secure Innovations. They have to keep changing their company name due to all of the negative feedback and publicity that they have received over the past 4 years.)There is a very specific "higher up, big headed, my sh*t don't stink, meat head that is working for the company and I am sure that most know him by name ~ CHARLES RUSSO. Very very crooked guy - using a iron whip to control his employees (his cattle).

Uses threats for everything he does within the company, towards their installers and office managers. HAS ZERO HEART!My husband has worked for this company since 2009, today is now Feb 02, 2013. During this time, when this man first took control of the Panama City, FL office, my husband was the Install manager there. Russo took region over Panama City, immediately took my husband's position from him and put his personal friend in his position (who you know and whose as* you kiss in this company is your only bread and butter).Because of this, we literally had to pick up within a 2 week period, with 2 children and move from Panama City area to Orlando for the same company, to get out of this mans region and my husband still have a job, even though it was at that point, dropped down to a lead tech position and $700 pay cut.

We lived in a hotel room for 2 weeks and had to leave our kids back home with my parents during this time until we could find a piece of *** apartment to rent fast, just to be able to get them here.Well after the company went through much garbage and was posted all over the T.V. for not doing their service calls for their customers, making fake promises that were impossible to achieve for their customers, as well as actually allowing installs in rentals w/out owner permission (which is against ADT rules), just to get numbers and money for and from ADT, they closed all of their offices and left their employees high and dry with no pay for the work they had yet to be paid for.They recently began opening offices again with ADT actually paying their bills for them to help them get back on their feet, under their newest name, Secure Innovations - they at this moment, owe my husband 2 sales from September of 2012, 2 paychecks for installs that were "supposed" to be mailed but never came and a install that is still up in the air.My husband has spoken with Russo personally with no satisfaction as to if or when he will be paid for the work he has completed. We have been waiting for FIVE MONTHS now for the money that he earned. The company got paid by ADT for the 2 sales he done for them.

They also got paid for the installs (3 all together owed). So at this very moment in time, they owe him for FIVE jobs. The man absolutely refuses to approve the checks to be cut to my husband - even though HE KNOWS the company owes the money.He thinks that my husband is weak - but he will realize now, he does have a woman standing behind him!Now - here's the other thing, last Friday was the final straw that broke for me - can't take it anymore. My husband got a call that yet another check was supposed to have been "accidently" mailed to him rather that being UPS Overnighted to the office like everyone else's checks were.

Bullsh*t!!!!So, I personally contacted the manager of the office because I am fed up with them using him (all together to do the 5 jobs that he is owed for, he drove more than EIGHTEEN HOURS) and I gave them one last opportunity to fix this. I told him, very firm but in a nice enough way, that if they would pay my husband the money that he is owed, no later than the following Friday (yesterday, Feb 01,2013) that there would be no more issues, but if they still refused to do so, that I would do just this, report them and their scams to the public.Now, maybe CHARLES RUSSO would like to explain to the owner of the company, MATT THOMPSON, why he made the decision to allow the company to receive a negative feedback by one of it's own employees rather than to just pay him his money that he is honost to goodness owed, for real true work, that he did for the company and that the company has already collected the funds for!!!!!! Tell me - if he is not PROVING A POINT to my husband that he is so big and bad and in control and if he don't want to pay him that he won't, no matter the consequences for the company. If you are considering EITHER - applying to work for this company or if you are a family considering buying a security system from them - YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED!

You WILL be disappointed and lied to and taken advantage of!It is a given!

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